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    Inspirational youtube videos I found

    I was killing time on youtube when I stumbled across an old Air Jordan CM and then it went from there. These CMs are totally bad ass- if you are hesitating to do something, watch these videos. I love the message that these ads convey. The clock tower one is sick- no voiceover but it conveys the message perfectly, it makes you want to work your ass off.

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    Hi theQuiett,

    Hope you don't mind me hijacking you post temporarily to share an inspiring video I found.

    I was also killing time on Youtube when I accidentally stumbled on this video. If the guys on this site are unsure or just too lazy to head to the gym or to just get out there and do stuff, then you will find this video inspirational also. It is a bad ass video but in a really good way. I also like the healthy, fitness-oriented lifestyle this video conveys! The stretching and routines are mad-ass crazy!!! The hand-to-chest exercise was new to me, as i didn't realize such an exercise could help muscle activation and circulation that much. It is something I must try sometime!!! There is no voice instruction in the video but the music conveys everything needed. I hope the guys agree that this video is great encouragement for getting out there and doing stuff whether at the gym or elsewhere. It makes me want to go to the gym and work my ass off too!!


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